Jazz Debut to Remember

We are reminded of what Wynton Marsalis describes as “a noble sound.” The power of jazz to uplift us with grace assembles in the soul the truth of a desire for devotion.

This month, Sherri Sandifer, piano/vocalist and Perry Richard showcased their command of this noble art form in their debut at J. Durham Steakhouse.

Entreated immediately by the quality of her voice, the audience is compelled to listen closer. Aside from her music elegance and beauty, Sherri uses bold charm to engage in spirited exchanges – in uncut dialogues and serenades with her live audience

We understand why Perry has been able to create memorable performances as he shepherds you to a throbbing release at the majesty of this music. Perry ushers our faculties to the dominion of jazz glory.

The timeless energy of sax, piano, and vocal by this duet provokes unrestrained applause, testimony, and anticipation for the cd release.

As friends, family, and supporters bear witness that jazz is alive and well, Sherri and Perry pronounce their entre to our love.


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