New Music: Sherri Sandifer – “If You Knew Me at All”

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and found out they they either weren’t the person you always thought they were, or that they had someone changed into someone different, and you didn’t love that person? Well if so, then here’s the perfect song for you. It’s called “If You Knew Me At All,” and is by a woman with two very differing careers. By day, she’s Dr. Sherri Sandifer, a Yale graduate who’s a practicing pediatrician in the Houston, Texas area. By night and on weekends, she’s R&B singer Sherri Sandifer, who released her debut album, Loverevolution, earlier in 2011. The album’s current single, “If You Knew Me At All,” is a tale about those aforementioned relationship twists that sometimes occur. It’s a smart, crisp, sophisticated song that can be streamed via the link below.

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